Bocchi The Rock announced on Sunday that the series announced that the TV anime, which was planned to be premiered in the spring of 2024 in Japan, will receive a film version.The new single, which includes, will be released on May 24th. Bocchi The Rock Movie Visual The first season of Bocchi The Rock made premiere last October and had a total of 12 episodes. It was played by Studio Cloverworks and managed by Keichiro Saito.As Yamada, Saku Mizuno and Ikuyo Kita include Ikumi Hasegawa. Bocchi The Rock Movie Trailer Crunchyroll publishes the first season of Bocchi The Rock and explains it as follows Hitori Gotoh, “Bocchi-Chan” is a girl who is so introverted and shy around people that he will always start talking with “Ah… in his secondary school years, he started to play the guitar, he wanted to join a group because he wanted to shine even a shy person.But because he had no friend, he applied guitar for six hours because he had no friend., he was in high school before he knew and still could not make a single friend! He was really close to closing, but one day the drummer Nijika Ijichi in the Kessoku group reached him. Source Official Website and Twitter Aki Hamaji Hobunsha, Aniplex Bocchi The Rock asks fans to behave in real -life places that appear in Anime