According to the latest update of BTS's J-Hope's official photos shared by the Army, 20 kilometers completed the Ruck march. In the educational sketch, photos of the 'Kundaklama' singer with other soldiers were shared with other soldiers.j-hope canceled its postponement on April 18After deciding to take active and actively, he participated in the compulsory service. J-Hope Completing the Ruck walk As part of open-air education for new recruitment, 36. One night walk for the soldiers of the Division Recruit Training Center was planned.The camera shows that he smiled widely. The number of '1' uniform appears, BTS member's 20 -kilometer march as part of the training was reported to have completed with full war equipment of 20 kilograms. However, walking late at night is said to end an open-air education for recruitment. MUHOPE, MUHOPE, will be assigned to its base for the rest of the military service as an active task. Military Service of BTS members Following the passing of those known as 'BTS Military Law', global sensation members were able to postpone their services for 2 years. With this, BTS member Jin was the first person to cancel his postponement for service in December 2022.Similarly, although J-Hope has a significant time before registering, it decided to receive service in April 2023 and the rest of the vegrub is expected to be followed by its members. BTS's military military issue has been discussed for a long time, the members always express their plans to register when the time comes and when the time comes.He said that they hoped that the group would gather again in 2025 after the completion of the services of all members, but it is not known whether the same thing is possible. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat Read also BTS's J-Hope shares a handwriting letter for the military for the mother and father before the Korean Parents Day