South Korean Girl Aespa Aespa, for the first time before joining the Cannes Film Festival 2023 Instagram first output on Monday.BTS 'V, City was seen in Paris days after it was detected with Jennie; Fans' Twitter 'We love you' trend) Aespa's Winter, Ningning, Giselle and Karina Instagram made the first output. In Instagram, they shared their group selfies for each of their first broadcasts. On Saturday, all four members exit with personal accounts on the social media platform. Ningning, posing for a monochrome mirror with others, wrote "Ningning" to Instagram. He received 1.1 million followers while writing this article. After Karina, Giselle and Winter, he follows Aespa's official page. Winter also published a similar picture as he posed with the group members on Instagram. He follows 1.2 million so far. However, he only follows the group members. Giselle shared another mirror selfie with the group members.He has a million followers. Ningning received 1.1 million followers. Giselle shared another mirror selfie with the group members. Winter is followed by 1.2 million so far. Karina also published a picture with her teammates as her first task. Karina also published a picture with his teammates as his first task. He has more than 1.3 million followers until now.I'm glad to see it here, baby. ""I love you, princess, you are queen," read a comment. AESPA, created by SM Entertainment, is one of the most successful South Korean Girls groups. Group left with a single Black Mamba on November 17, 2020.DAESANG won the awards. In October 2021, AESPA released the first expanded Play Savage and the leader of the same name. Earlier this month, AESPA announced in the USA Hyper Line Tour in the USA as of August 13th. After us, they will travel to Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Germany and England. Share this article