Here we will provide information about Miss Universe Philippines 2023, Michelle Dee. As everyone loves to know about her lately. On Saturday, May 13, during Pageant's Coronation night, Michelle Dee of Makati defeated 37 other contestants to win the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 title. She continued reading the article to learn more about him. Who are Michelle Dee's parents? Mother Melanie Marquez, Father Derek Dee On Saturday, May 13, during the pageant's coronation night, Michelle Dee of Makati beat 37 other contestants to win the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 title.Second victory in a national pageant.Michelle does not require entry to hardcore pageant fans. Previously, she won the Miss World Philippines 2019 title. and participated in the International Pageant, which she placed in the top 12 before competing in Miss Universe Philippines. Many people believe that Michelle Marquez is interested in becoming a beauty queen. Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez's daughter and Reina Hispanoamericana 2017 Winwyn Marquez's cousin .But he didn't show much interest in the growth of pageantry. Michelle Dee Anne Melanie Marquez Michelle claimed in an interview that she started thinking about trying her hand at Pageantry after being appointed as a judge on the Mister World pageant. She claimed it was her first time experiencing her support. “This is what made me decide to take my chance. Because if so many people recognize my potential, whether they know me or not, they say, “Why can't I see the potential? Michelle Dee Father Derek Dee However, Michelle chose to make her own name in the industry rather than relying on her flamboyant pageant heritage. She admitted that she had withdrawn from the Miss World Philippines pageant three times because she believed she had the necessary "preparation and mindset." As it is named Philippines 2019, it has achieved the results of all its preparation and hard work. Michelle will not stop trying to win a crown despite having the opportunity to represent the Philippines at her international competition.