Jinhwan from Ikon strongly calls Selal after an incident at the last concert stop in Taiwan. On May 21, the famous male group Ikon, 'Take' World Tour of the Taipei segment perfectly concluded. This performance carried an important mileage marking the first foreign tour stops.Ikon, who presented a great performance, revived the fire of Taipei fans and turned the concert into a long -awaited and remembered celebration meeting. However, some complications that require Ikon and especially the member Kim Jinhwan to intervene to protect fans emerged. For a group like IKON, which covers popularity both in Turkey and globally, concert tickets are generally sold rapidly even in foreign countries.In a strange way, the best seats in the home remarkable, worries, curling and launched more investigations. Later, the next day Jinhwan called on a Twitter post when he called the ticket Snelalars. "Scalpers, please do not benefit from the innocent hearts of the fans! I wish such people see this." Jinhwan's post -Twitter concert participants went to express their disappointment with ticket sellers. Scalpers are individuals who use macro programs to buy the best concert seats, only with large inflated prices, usually two to three times the original ticket price.Therefore, Scalpers has become an important thorns with the fans during ticketing. Following Jinhwan's public kick, fans are optimistic that such events will be overcome in future Ikon concerts. Ikon is currently approved by the performances shown for Kuala Lumpur, Manila on August 5 and Singapore on August 12th. Gotopnews.com