The film 'The Childe', which will show exciting follow -up activities in the Auditoriums in the middle of this year, gave 4 kinds of character posters full of printing.then a story that appeared before the 'Marco', a warrior. Character Posters This time, a character poster that attracts a remarkable character with different stories with Boxer Marco and Marco, which is the target of everyone overnight, attracts attention. "Who are you?In addition, the desperate situation of targeting the character of the character without knowing the reason and the struggle for survival is interested in the development of the story.I have never missed a target "s of the line gives a bloody sense of madness and the cruel side to the cruel side.Jumping will make you fun to catch you, "the expression of the expression of Isa Han's performance is looking forward to the performance of the last but most importantly," I just do my job, why? "And after the Philippines, Korea'de Marco accidentally gathered GO re -gathered togetherThe mysterious expression of Yunju played by Ara. Encourages the interest in the personality of the nomad and raises the degree of immersion in the film. Childe Film World, after breaking the ratio of 1 1 in the 1980s, a son of a son 'known to be the ambitious new arriving Kang Taejoo.After Cynthia, he attracted attention as a rookie chosen by director Park Hoon Jung. He was thrown for the role of Marco after three rounds and worked endlessly until he spoke English for a mother tongue for a boxer from the Philippines to Korea. Read also The Childe Kim Seon Ho, Go Ara, Kang Taejoo, Kim Kangwoo Star Action full teaser and posters