One Piece Anime recently exploded with one of the best parts of Wano Country Arc's peak and a new poster was published to celebrate the King against Roronoa Zoro by showing Zoro's epic conqueror!The last thing we saw in the action was to bring Sanji's monumental struggle with the queen. One Piece officially ended the fight between Zoro and King with the 1062th episode of Anime, and fans influenced the last moments of the last moments of the fight.Animator Midori Matsuda, who showed that the conqueror touched the Khaki to overthrow the strong new one, shared a special art. Zoro vs King's official promotional art by Midori Matsuda King King One Piece Zoro's Fatih Haki announced One Piece episode 1062, Zoro's new touch when he began to channel Fatihli Khaki to fight against the King., Zoro was also struggling to maintain the flow of conqueror as the king began to burn warmer and brighter than before. Even though they struggled for both the king and Zoro's own captains, the climax of the fight fell a last pushing.He was able to resist the enemy. In the last part of One Piece Anime, what did you think of the finding between Zoro and King? Let us know all your thoughts about it in comments! You can contact me directly about the animation and other wonderful things on Twitter valdezology!