Doga Kobo has finally released the preview s and summary of OSHI No Ko Section 7, which is planned to be published on Wednesday, May 24 at 2300, and the episode titled. The previous episode focused on Akane Kurokawa and tried to leave an impact on the reality flirting show. However, when he started to lose hope, he made a serious mistake in the show. Waiver spoilers from Oshi No Ko. OSHI NO KO CHAPTER 7 PREVIOUS TIPS WORKING WITH COMMON STREETS IN AQUA Oshi No Ko Section 7, titled Buzz, probably will continue from the moment Aqua stops to commit suicide.. Akane Kurokawa Oshi No Ko Section 7 As shown in the preview Akane can finally reveal the bullying of his mother online. Aqua Hoshino Oshi No Ko Part 7 As shown in the preview If this does not work, Aqua may try to realize the public to help eliminate people's prejudices against Akane. However, Aqua could not do it all alone, and therefore, the common stars of the common stars, namely Mem-Cho, Yuki Sumi, Nobuyuki Kumano and Kengo Morimotomay ask for help. Yuki and Mem-Cho Oshi No Ko Section 7 As shown in preview However, it is not yet seen how common stars would help Aqua to get people the truth. Considering that there is a camera in one of the preview pictures of Aqua, it can be assumed that they will plan to publish a video.It can show how it creates and there is no need to go after Akane. OSHI NO KO CHAPTER 7 As shown in the preview of Akane Although it is already difficult for players to make such a video because of their contracts, it can be difficult to create an online effect. Therefore, Mem-Cho can play a vital role in helping the video to reach well online.. Survey 0 votes