BTS member J-Hope participated in the compulsory military service at Wonju for a 5-week basic training at the Gangwon State Center on 18 April.He became the second member of BTS, who started his service. Since time, he has been updated from the army about K-Pop Idol and regularly updates about his activities and training sessions with the photographs shared in the official practice. J-Hope's first update from military On May 24, J-Hope updated his fans in the strange and personal Instagram story, shared uniform photos and greeted them on the camera. "Arymy !!! I completed the education well. In the future, I will wear uniforms, I will continue to work hard for the rest of my time and show you my good sides! I love you !! This mobile phone is charming .... hahahaha " BTS member added a few photos to WERTERS with his article and pulled a selfie while smiling on the camera. BTS's army Jin was caught from the group participating in the active duty service in December 2022 and then was caught at the completion ceremony and was reported as a hardworking job. J-Hope watched the case with updates that guaranteed his health from the training camp.He shared a notification that they would not send gifts or physical letters and rather to ask them to encourage#DearJ-Hopefromarmy 'hashtag through e-mails. The same is, “We want to ask for your cooperation during the J-Hope's recruitment training graduation ceremony. In order to prevent problems that may be caused by kalate, we want fans to avoid visiting the site.We want your love and support for J-Hope until you get back." Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat Also read BTS's J-Hope military has completed a 20-kilometer march; new photos come out