In the last return light of Enhypen's “Bit Me ,, the response to the use of female dancers during the choir.In generation vibrations ”while rejoicing, others felt that the paired dance may not be suitable for the current generation. In the 4th generation, where the lives of life grow more sensitively, worried fans are concerned that they can prevent new fans from entering the fandom of new fans and that the idols can darken their existing fandom and . The paired choreography interacts closely to a member and a female dancer, but professionally. Art movements reflect the general vampire concept well. A particular fan group sent protest trucks to the company to call the removal of the choreography. Trucks want the choreography to be removed from the song and claims that Entepen serves to deterd the growth of the growth. Be.lift laboratory, who is stupid one of the waiting fans. The perpetrator, which caused fans to be separated, completely remove the be.lift laboratory. In response to the news, Netizens thinks that a truck might have gone too far, even if fans are absolutely not happy with the choreography. What was the choreography just for? Which fandom wants it? It is not even a special scene. Dancers must be uncomfortable. To be honest, from the third -party perspective, it seems to be moving a little, but if my idol had a return after a long time, and if it were, I wouldn't have loved it. As a third party, a truck is too much. Am I strange because I feel like that? I feel sorry for dancers. He seemed to be a third party to the fans, but did you even hear the fans' screams about this performance? Fans wouldn't really like it. Of course, this does not reflect the opinion of all the fandom. Protest Trucks only bite me to ask the company to remove women's spare dancers, another level of madness