One second, Mrbeast was convinced that Twitter was placed in handcuffs and finally had been on his way as he was pushed behind a police car - but it turned out to be a detailed joke by Youtuber Airrack. Jimmy ‘Mrbeast’ Donaldson is one of the most important Youtubers in the world. In fact, last year successfully defeated PewdiePie's famous record, the most subscription on the entire website is the only independent creator. The article continues after advertising Mrbeast, sitting in 154 million subscribers, is known for its high-level challenge videos, big budget projects, big films and TV series and viral philanthropist efforts-they do not welcome the procedures themselves. However, being an extremely rich internet superstar comes with its occasional traps…. That's why he didn't surprise him much when he was placed in clamps as part of Youtuber Airrack's last joke. The article continues after advertising Instagram Mrbeast Mrbeast is the best creator of Youtube. Mrbeast convinced that the wild joke was arrested Youtube star Airrack decided to play a big joke in Mrbeast and worked with the New York Police Department to convince Mrbeast to lock well. Only half a million views after loading the video showed that the police pulled Mrbeast while driving in Tesla. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BULLETETS FOR THE LATEST APPLICATIONS ABOUT ESPORTS, GAME AND MORE. At first, Donaldson seemed to have been a little entertained by the whole ordeal ... But when an officer put him behind his cruiser and asked if anyone threatened him, he began to silence and refused to talk to him. The article continues after advertising Mrbeast was later placed in a retention cell where food or water was rejected. After a waiting period, he was allowed to make a phone call - and Airrack admitted that it was a joke. “I thought it was real, Mr Mrbeast confessed.“ And then I was like a joke. It could be a joke." The article continues after advertising Apparently, Airrack reached Mrbeast Good - but he doesn't say how hard a challenge is a challenge to revenge Mrbeast. our page here at Dexerto for more entertainment news and scope.