Dungeon TV anime adaptation of the first delicious first trailer as well as a new visual, casting and personnel information revealed.Studio trigger was revived and the anime was previously announced with a teaser visual.It played a second video and you can watch the new trailer below Dungeon delicious - first TV anime trailerJanuary 2024 Premire Kentaro Kumagai as the main player Laios, Sayaka Senbongi as Marcille, asa asa Tomari as Chilchuck and Senshi consists of Hiroshi Naka. Dungeon anime staff delicious Director Yoshihiro Miyajima Serial Composition Kimiko Ueno Character Design Naoki Takea Music Yasunori Mitsuda Animation production Trigger Ryoko Kui has been writing and drawing the original delicious in Dungeon Manga, which has been released in Enterbrain's Harta magazine since February 2014.Yen Press licensed English in English and tells the story When the young adventurer Laios and his company are attacked by a dragon in the depths of a dungeon and thrown firmly, the party loses all his money and provisions… And a member!If they set off, they will be sure of starvation on the road! But Laios finds a brilliant idea ım Let's eat monsters! ”Beds, Basilisks and even dragons… None of them are safe from their appetite! Source official youtube Ryoko Kui, KadokawaDungeon Partners in Deliciious Gotopnews.com