Our end and the critical role star Ashley Johnson recently gave a restrictive order against his ex -boyfriend. Foster and Johnson were in a long -term relationship that began in 2012.The two lived together for a while and joined in 2018, they shared their news on Instagram, critical role live streams and other social media organizations. Related Last US section 1 PC port has reached impressive sales milestone in only 8 weeks However, it is understood that their relationships are not as pastoral as fans are directed to believe.According to Johnson, Foster's use of narcotics often asked only UNHINGED. Next, Johnson stated that Foster was “close to the edge, he has the ability to kill, and he would harm me not only for my [family].If this was not enough, it was not enough, shortly after the separation of foster, he tried to force $ 150,000 from the actress. Johnson is perhaps known for his last TV show as Ellie and Ellie from Cameo, but in Blindspot as Patterson and Teen Titans. He also appeared in the main staff of the critical role of the actual playground group of Dungeons and Dragons. Foster was about to have a critical role before. He hosted many critical role speaking shows, including speeches between Machina and pages, joined several shots and directed Undeadwood Mini series.He left a role. The critical role has not yet made an official statement about the protective situation, but there is definitely the community. Critical role and the last US supporters have come together to support the actress at this difficult time. More One last one 2 Every critical role actor member view Source USA TODAY Gotopnews.com