Blackpink Jennie took part in Cute Pomeranian Kuma and Kang Hyung Wook's dog guest show. Your browser does not support the video. Kang Hyung Wook is an animal instructor and TV personality known for charismatic pets, especially dogs. He interviews celebrities at the Konuk show and knows his furry friends.And there is more. Jennie claimed that he was a fan of Kang Hyung Wook and his show and took the time to be a guest in the show during the busy world tour program.shocked. Your browser does not support the video. He also showed some of the cute tricks of Kuma and revealed that Kuma was in English and Korean bilingual. Your browser does not support the video. Kang Hyung Wook also asked him if he was wondering if he was raising a dog. Jennie then shared something he had never shared before. Recently, I sent my first baby to heaven and my second baby was like a hard time. I wondered if there was something I could do to comfort him. Jennie's first dog was a Cocker Spaniel named Kai. Jennie expressed his concern about how Kai's passing affecting Kuma because he and his family saw signs of depression in Kuma. It is clear to see that Jennie's social media is very close to Kuma and Kai and do everything together. Although dogs upset their friends' passing, it is a difficult time for the owners. "Is your mother good?"Asked. Jennie explained that her mother was not good and that she and her mother did not communicate with each other for a while after Kai passed. In fact, my mother and I did not talk to each other and we did not cut for a while… Because we are very emotional. Your browser does not support the video. Jennie shared that it took some time to talk about Kai. Even now, we pay much attention to it. We raised Kai like a little brother and he was big, so he looked like a human being when he sat down.- Jennie He seemed to hold his tears, thinking of Kai, and he said he was still under the healing process. Your browser does not support the video. Kang Hyung Wook then shared his experience of losing his dog and explained how the healing process was for him. To be honest, when we say goodbye to our dogs, it is sad to commemorate your dog with an event, but it is difficult. But you should leave it once. It is never easy to make a beloved family member pass, and we want Jennie and her mother to recover soon. Kai will always be in our hearts. R.I.P KAi.