Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s life and the lives of the people around him are complex because of the boxer's struggle for addiction.There are individuals. However, Munoz claimed that the time spent in rehabilitation for several months did not guarantee the full healing of Chavez Jr.. When he hopes to fully recover, he acknowledges that a clean and pillless situation is just part of the equation. Despite the difficulties they have mixed, he continues to optimize that everything will work well for the son of the legendary boxer. "We are adapting, everything will not be perfect and time will be forever or how things will flow," Frida said, "Said. "He talks to me about the situations he's in, but I feel that he's stronger. Someone's not guarantee that he's never going back when he's in a rehabilitation center. "It works hard. We're a very good family when leaving the pills, because it's a very good person and we get along very well." Frida Munoz Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Julio was at the rehabilitation center for a year and two months. He praised his efforts, but he knows that when he gets the pills, when he gets the problems, he trusts that everything will be in his way. "When you return to such things, it's not cool because jealousy and unhealthy emotions lead to conflict." "First of all, I hope we can continue like this and unite forever, why not? He is the person who enjoys that healing, happy and how to value how to value before. An example of life". Gotopnews.com