The talented actor, singer and former RJ, Piloo Vidyarthi, alias Rajoshi Vidyarthi, is a private person and likes to keep it up on social media. However, the actress was embroiled in controversy after her ex-husband, actor Ashish Vidyarthi, surprised everyone with the news of the wedding. In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Piloo came forward to talk about his private life. Also read Ashish Vidyarthi remarries, 60 years old marry Rupali Barua Piloo Vidyarthi talks about her ex-husband Ashish Vidyarthi. On Thursday, 60-year-old Ashish Vidyarthi married 50-year-old entrepreneur Rupali Barua in Kolkata. Piloo revealed that the duo went their separate ways in 2021 and have lived happily ever since. They filed for divorce last October and remained friends. Not many people knew you broke up, and the wedding photos came as shocking. Was it a mutual decision not to announce the separation? Piloo Vidyarthi Yes, we didn't feel the need to tell people about it. We don't intend on media broadcasting, PR and making sure everyone knows. We're both good friends and we've kept that up until now. Those 22 years were the best part of my life. If you ask him, he will probably say the same thing. He has been a great partner and we have traveled together for years. We had many common interests. Obviously, we humans must have different choices too, but we've never had a conflict because we're pretty much alike at the core. We are still the same. We have a son, a beautiful son. Tell us about Arth… Piloo Vidyarthi Ashish contributed to our son's upbringing. He is his friend and guide. People usually say that it is the mother who does everything for the child, maybe society perceives it that way, even seeing it on the screen, of course the mother does a lot, but the father also plays a big role. Arth currently works at Tesla in Austin. He has the best features of his father. We both contributed to the upbringing of a beautiful person named Arth Vidyarthi. He is very sensitive, mature, wonderful person and full of humor. He understood everything beautifully. There are so many stories floating around the internet about you and Ashish today... What really happened? Piloo Vidyarthi It was something I might not have noticed before, or maybe it was there, but I didn't feel like expressing it. My child grew up and went abroad. As an artist, I did what I wanted and no one restrained me. But when I discovered it, I became aware of my goals and that's when I realized that our future aspirations are different. Whatever she wants to be in the future, she has the right to make her dreams come true. We've heard this thing - you have to compromise in a marriage. In the end people do it, we all do. But what many don't know is that it happened behind closed doors. You don't know how much concession has been made materially or morally, it's a fine line and you can't measure it. At least I can't live like this, you see. What he wants is different from what I want, it is incompatible with being married. I know people who do this. I'm not wrong, but I see people writing long articles about their spouses on social media. Deep down I wonder how much of what we see on social media is true. Only they know the truth, right? I have different needs in my private life now. I cannot fill Miss Vidyarthi's target now. As for us, there was no torture or hardship or anything else as people think. We are two different people. We tried to go our separate ways for two years and now she's doing great in her career. I've been dealing with a lot of backend stuff for the last five years. I have different needs in my private life now. I cannot fill Miss Vidyarthi's target now. It must be hard, especially when people are trying to figure out who did what... Piloo Vidyarthi I couldn't have made this decision without Ashish's support. She handled it beautifully and made it easy for both of us. He was saying, 'Let's do this, let's do that, then we'll see'. I've heard of lawyers getting into ugly fights often, but nothing like that happened between us. I go crazy with the comment people have about us. This is not fair. Ashish has never cheated on me. Even if people think all he wants is to get married again. This is a completely false narrative. Everyone deserves a second chance at love... Piloo Vidyarthi Amar biyer dorkar nei tai ami biye korchina. Amar dorkar hole amio kortam . This is not my need. He needs a partner. We can't hang a man for his needs. He found someone who is a good thing. When did you file for divorce? Piloo Vidyarthi We filed a petition together in October last year. Nobody forced anybody. It was completely mutual. I spent a very long time of my life as Shakuntala Barua's daughter and Ashish Vidyarthi's wife. Now the time has come when I want to walk my path alone. I want my own identity, and to be clear, it didn't seem like it had crushed my identity at all. I just realized that he sees a different future, I see a different future. Today's people agree to go their separate ways without doing much about it, we just didn't want to do that. Therefore, we decided to stay friends instead. I will always be by your side with my prayers and good wishes. I'm sure you have nothing but good things on your mind for me. SHARE THIS ARTICLE ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sneha Biswas Sneha Biswas is an entertainment correspondent for the Hindustan Times. She writes everything about bollywood, K-Drama, K-Pop, OTT shows, exclusive interviews and your favorite celebrities. ...see details