Samantha Weinstein, 'Carrie' player and Star Over Star dies from ovarian cancer 28 years old Samantha Weinstein, an actor in the revitalization of "Carrie" in 2013 and starred in various cartoons, . His father, David Weinstein, told the United States on Thursday that he had of ovarian cancer at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto on May 14, Toronto. "We were overwhelmed by the eruption of the tribute to Samantha." He lived a very full, fascinating and authentic life. He was very passionate about his art and worked until his last days to express his animated characters and live as much as possible. " He also shared that the photos of Samantha on May 15 were created by the actor for a farewell mission by the actor. The photos show him that he smiled and swams between the cosmos. "After two and a half years of cancer therapy and a worldwide lifelong jet environment, expressing a large number of cartoon animals, making music more than most people about life and life," the next adventure is included, "he reads. Weinstein continued to live a full life while he was studying cancer. He married Michael Knutson on October 29, 2022 and made honeymoon in Japan. Weinstein, who also took the stage in a Punk rock group called er Virgins, was reflected in the 25 -year -old diagnosis of cancer and falling in love with Knutson. "The first dates were annoying enough, but I got devastating news a week ago- Talk about scare a man!" He wrote.I would start chemotherapy during the month. He continued "When my hormones stem from IVF injections, we screamed each other when we were building an IKEA vanity and fell to the ground. When my hair started to fall, we shaved our heads together. My fingers took me to freezing the damage and taught me.He reminded me of let me be interested. " Weinstein wrote that he started talking about his weddings shortly after he and Knutson's first appointment. "Instead of the first dance, we have to make a beam drill. Weinstein wrote in his love that he agreed with sexuality and gender identity after the diagnosis of cancer, which appeared as "bisexualpancakers" and accepted to Knutson, who all accepted him. "One thing I've learned in 18 months since I was first diagnosed, the worst things in the world can be incredible blessings wrapped in sanding paper."I live with my family because it is uncertain . I continue to work as a voice actor in my dream career. I have more love for my life and myself as a gift and I see every day as a gift.I'm pulling or my thoughts make me better - but I'm learning to let my loved ones carry the load. Okay, maybe the best thing to say cancer is at all, but it's definitely not a witch's curse… And if so, then the witch absolutely a sense of humor.. " More Tina Turner, Queen of Rock 'N' Roll, dies after long illness