YG Entertainment introduced Babymonster, a hot and talented girl group ready to ravage the K-pop world.Babymonsster recently released 'Jenny from The Block's breathtaking dance cover', proves that they are a force to be taken into account. An unique dance show Babymonster's explosive performance In Jennifer Lopez's classic hit 'Jenny from The Block's Dance Cover, Babymonster exhibits his perfect skills and undeniable stage postures.Members amazed their fans by performing a performance full of energy, sensitivity and charisma.It makes it an unforgettable experience by perfectly completing the violent movements and powerful choreographies. Kiel Tutin, who had previously worked with Jennifer Lopez, as well as important K-Pop Girls such as Blackpınk, TWICE, AESPA, ITY and others, as well as Jennifer Lopez. Rising Stars Babymonster Babymonster's first dance video made a big impression in the industry and attracted the attention of both fans and critics.The extraordinary ability and fascinating asset of the group has already given them a loyal audience.With its unique styles and strong performances, Babymonster is preparing to create a significant impact on the K-Pop scene. Babymonster, which is currently prepared for the highly anticipated exits, also released a music video for their single single "Dream" before the exit of this month. about Babymonster Babymonster, a multinational K-Pop Girl group, is preparing to make the highly anticipated exits under prestigious YG Entertainment.Talented members Haram, Ahyeon, Chiquita, ASA, Rora, Pharita and Ruka'dan Babymonster, the world -wide fans of the interest and excitement of the excitement. On May 11, 2023, Yg Entertainment's founder and chief producer Yang Hyun Suk officially announced the Babymonster squad, which has strengthened the seven daughters as the latest member to the list of respected K-Pop groups of the agency.While the exact release date of the group was not announced, Yang Hyun Suk increased the expectation between fans by confirming that the outputs were temporarily planned in the autumn of 2023.In order to increase the excitement, they have already published a fascinating music video that exhibited their talents, charisma and potential for 'Dream', which is the pre -exit songs of the enthusiastic idols.While fans eagerly await their official outlets, Babymonster continues to create excitement and to accept themselves as the next rising stars in the K-Pop industry. Stay up to date with the latest hallyu news in Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat Read also Revenant 1. Teaser Output Kim Tae ri and Oh Jung Seles in the Unforgettable Story Gotopnews.com