The German police launched a criminal investigation against Pink Floyd co -founder Roger Waters on a Nazi -style uniform he wore at the last concert in Berlin. Berlin Police Spokesman Martin Halweg told Guardian, an investigation was opened on the costume exhibited at the concerts on May 17 and 18, ”he said. Exhibiting the symbols of the Nazi rule, including the swamp cross or SS emblem, is illegal in Germany for educational and artistic contexts. The legal concept of the “people's encouragement olan, which is frequently applied to trials of Holocaust denial in Germany, makes an illegal attack on human dignity illegally defined by national, racial, religious groups or ethnic origins”. Halweg, "the context of the clothes worn, the Nazi regime will violate the dignity of the victims of the victims and thus to disrupt public peace, can be glorious or justified," he said. In Berlin's Mercedes Benz Arena, Waters appeared on the stage as a pink character from the rock Opera during the performance of the meat song and wears a black leather trench coat with a red arm band carrying two cross hammers. In the rock opera, the song points to a hallucination of drugs that he dreamed of as a fictional fascist dictator who appeals to a Neo-Nazi rally. Waters and the German group Scorpions in 1990, when the recently overthrown Berlin wall on the territory of No-man, Waters, Waters, the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet'i wearing a military uniform similar to those worn. In the 1982 film version of the wall, Bob Geldof made the same song with a Nazi-style uniform, and Waters wore a similar costume as part of the 2010-13 The Wall Live tour, which includes nine concerts in Germany. As part of the investigations, Halweg said the police in Berlin would look at the s of previous shows in Germany to assess whether the costume has changed. Israeli officials have recently criticized the waters for costumes, the names of the activists killed by the authorities.It contained Akleh's. Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon wrote on Twitter that Waters compares Holocaust victim Frank with a gazete journalist who was shot in an active war zone “Waters are trying to compare Israel with the Nazis”. The Berlin police will continue to collect evidence for about three months and then deliver their findings to the state prosecutor, who will evaluate whether the Waters' Law can be encouraged to hate. Waters will play a concert in Frankfurt, where city peace judges are trying to cancel and accuse him of being a "one of the most widely known anti -Semitic anti -Semitics".While proclaiming the right to continue the event of the singer, he acknowledged that the aspects of his show were “unpleasant”.