Hormonal imbalance among the most common health concerns of the Philippines Manıla, Philippines - Before being a woman. Before you start complaining about gender inequality in the place, your biological makeup makes you disadvantaged on men. It affects your general health and increases your risk of certain health conditions.It is important to know. Martin P said, “Women are often aware of the conditions that affect themselves, so they will understand and take the necessary steps to prevent their emergence and to seek medical consultation with the doctor if they are affected. Martin Martin akati Medical Center Neden Manahan, Art. According to Makatimed's observation, three of the most common health concerns faced by women, especially the Philippine, are gastroesophageal reflux disease , urinary tract infection and hormonal imbalance. Gerd Gastroesophageal reflux Disease is a condition caused by the recurrent backflow of gastric cones to the esophagus and adjacent structures, thus causing troubled symptoms and injury in the esophageal lining.These significant symptoms include heartburn, inadequacy, cough and chest pain. A gastroenterologist should be able to address these concerns. ’Gerd has seen an increase in the prevalence between the Philippines due to increasing stress, unhealthy weight and lifestyle choices. Simple changes in your rutin can alleviate GERD symptoms.” These lifestyle changes that can alleviate GERD symptoms include Raising the head of the bed while sleeping Avoidance of cigarettes or ferries Restricting alcoholic beverages Minimize the purchase of dairy products and chocolates Eating small food Avoiding spicy, fried or fatty foods Udi Urinary road infection is more common in women than men because women have shorter urethra. Therefore, microbes such as Eli can multiply, cause inflammation and spread to the kidney. This is easier to enter the bladder.It can also deteriorate the smell of urine and cause blood in the urine, and if the infection reaches the kidney, it is likely to develop. “If sexually active, pregnant or passes through menopause, the risk of a woman may be even higher. Having diabetes and kidney stones can also make you more susceptible to infections.Jr. Actions that women can take for prevention Urine every 3 to 4 hours Urine before and after sex Wipe from front to back Wearing cotton underwear Quickly changing swimsuit and exercise clothes after the activity Hormonal imbalance Most women already know how hormones and fluctuations affect the body from menstruation to pregnancy, menopause. However, some lifestyle habits and irregularities in the endocrine glands can cause hormonal imbalance that may cause health problems. Diabetes deny diabetes. “Hormones released from the endocrine glands are important in many functions of our body such as metabolism and reproduction. Having high or high levels of hormones, high cholesterol levels, increased or decreased heart rate and loss of symptoms such as infertility or loss of weight gain or loss, diarrhea or constipation, diarrhea or lossTedavi options may cause changes such as fatigue, depending on the person's specific hormone imbalances, pills, injection, surgery or radiation treatment, ”he said. Although hormonal imbalances cannot be fully prevented, it can help to perform the following actions Protecting a healthy weight Exercise regularly A balanced diet Copping with stress Improving sleep quality “It is a necessity to know your body and your health risks and to protect health.Manahan. Related Can dietary therapies effectively treat GERD? Gotopnews.com