According to researchers called üç Three medical states that are ongoing at the same time in the United States, a man with cold agglutin found another autoimmune called Pernian anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency. In Cureus, “Cold Agglutin's disease, severe B12 deficiency and harmful anemia a fatal coincidence” cases were published. CAD is a self -autoimmune disease that contains self -reactive antibodies, which connects the abnormal production of cold agglutini to red blood cells and causes it to recover together at low temperatures, which causes a gradual land that marks red blood cells for destruction . If the new red blood cells cannot be produced at the rate of compensation for their losses, there will be not enough red blood cells in circulation . In order to produce new red blood cells, vitamin B12 is required in animal foods. In order to remove the vitamin of 12 by the intestines, it must be connected to the internal factor, a protein released by cells in the stomach. Pernicic anemia is a condition of autoimmune in which the immune system produces self -reactive antibodies attacking the internal factor or stomach cells that produce it. Without the internal factor of the eterine, vitamin B12 cannot be taken by the intestines and a deficiency may occur. Vitamin B12 deficiency may also be when the body cannot get enough vitamin B12 from the diet or the intestines cannot suck properly due to reasons other than harmful anemia. New York, St.Researchers in the Hospital Health System of Barnabas, fatigue and yellow skin color change due to the hospital emergency service, a 44 -year -old man told the case. Prevalence of cold agglutini worldwide CAD diagnosis The man told the doctors that he was in abdominal pain, loss of appetite and diarrhea for about five months and he lost 20 kilos.It was worsened a week before the septoms were seen, and there was fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dark urine and jaundice.They were also drinks. In physical examination, an unhealthy breath appearance and mild jaundice appeared, but there was no symptom of liver and spleen expansion or abdominal masses. A blood test revealed that all blood cells , which are higher than normal hemolysis markers, were lower than normal. The researchers wrote, “Deep Pansitopenia was accepted as multi -factor, alcohol abuse and nutrition [causes] in malnutrition. When a blood sample was looked closely, the number of low red blood cells and red blood cell clusters were shown in changing dimensions and forms. A COOMBS test was positive for the levels of high cold agglutini, and this showed CAD strongly. Blood also tested positively for antibodies against Parvovirus, one of CAD's most common triggering triggers. The man also had a serious vitamin B12 deficiency and was positive for antibodies against internal factors. Researchers were diagnosed with “malnutrition and malicious anemia secondary severe B12 deficiency”. The man was given injections of cyanocobalamine, a laboratory -made version of vitamin B12 for a week, every day. The researchers wrote that “the patient showed progressive healing and appropriate response to transfusion, and he added that“ symptoms were discharged on oral steroids with almost completely dissolving ”. “It is extremely important to associate with the deficiency of vitamin B12, and to be aware that the most severe presentations of deficiency can mimic a few blood disorders.And sometimes it can make early diagnosis that will lead to avoiding hurtful tests. ”