James Q. Del Rosso, Make Dawn, I have a question for you. While looking at a patient with deef disease, you are trying to determine whether you will manage it with topical therapy, start systemic therapy or try to use them in combination.Topical therapy will be used in the vast majority, even if it is in a systemic therapy. Dawn L. Sammons, DO, FAOCD, FAAD Most of them are based on patient preference. We speak with the patient as a partner in the decision. We have patients with 10% or 15% BSA [body surface area] and look at me and “I want to start with something topical”We have the new aspects that we can use to be the topicals we can use. James Q. Del Rosso, Do This was a quick breakthrough. Dawn L. Sammons, Do, Faocd, Faad When they are combined, this was even more exciting. It has a lot of interest with the patient.But I am clear. Even my patients who do biological and good deserves to be a topical and need that every 1 can be used when there is a glare at home. I am very happy with some new drugs like Tapinarof.I don't need to worry. James Q Del Rosso, do and how long they use. Dawn L. Sammons, Do, Faocd, Faad And how long they use it. If there are fireworks, I came to a patient who was given a betamethasone by a past dermatologist.In this case, he was a wonderful patient. I put it to Tempinarof and I said, “You can use it wherever you want to use it”.I am as aggressive as I want to be sick. Even in some cases where the body surface area is large.If there is, there are many lords who look at me and “Dr Sammons, this is violent”. James Q. Del Rosso, do get rid of it now. Dawn L. Sammons, Do, Faocd, Faad We must treat this. Transcript arranged for clarity Gotopnews.com