In this spring, Google launched several online certificate programs designed to help students enter an entry level without having to have a university degree.The latest program of the technology company includes cyber security, a ready -to -grow area as companies become more digital and cyber attacks continue inevitably. The new Google Cyber Security Specialist certificate offered on Coursera's training platform includes eight online courses that help students learn how to do the following Understand the importance of cyber security applications and their effects for organizations. Determine widespread risks, threats and security deficits and techniques to alleviate them. Using security information and event management tools, protect nets, devices, individuals and data against unauthorized access and cyber attacks. Gain practical experience with Python, Linux and SQL. Cyber Security Specialist Certificate, user experience design, business intelligence, data analytics, advanced data analytics, project management, IT support, and finally CT automation, including Google participates in a broader certificate programs collection. Students can take individual courses free of charge in these professional certificate programs..This means that the Cyber Security Specialist certificate, which is designed to be completed in 6 months, will cost approximately US dollars in total. After completing the cyber security certificate, students can add their identity information to their LinkedIn profiles, resumes or resumes.In addition, students in the United States may connect with more than 150 employers who committed to evaluating certificate holders for open positions.According to Coursera, this certificate can prepare students to be a "Cyber Security Analyst and SOC Analyst" at the entry level. You can start the 7 -day free trial of the Cyber Security Specialist certificate here. Note Open Culture has a partnership with Coursera.Recording readers to certain Coursera courses and programs helps to support open culture.