Metro Manila - Preparations for Batanes and Cagayan are underway to prepare for the effects of the Super Mawar crew, which is expected to enter the weather in the country's weather in the early hours on Friday night or Saturday morning. Batanes Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office , food packages and heavy equipment, as well as drain centers, he said. According to the Filipin atmosphere, Geophysics and Astronomy Services Administration , when Mawar enters the field of responsibility and re -named as Betty, tropical cyclone wind signal no.2 or 3 can be upgraded on Batanes and Babuyan islands in the north of Luzon.). Speaking to Balitaan from CNN Philippines on Friday, Batanes Pdrrmo official Dan Esdicul said that the preventive evacuation was still suspended due to good weather. Esdicul, especially for tourists who want to leave the region without approaching the storm, flights continue, he said. He said the local government is equipped with radios for communication in case of electricity and network cuts. Meanwhile, Cagayan PDRRMO President, local authorities in the north of the province of the coastal communities "concern areas" or the risk of landslides and floods, he said. These include STA.Mother, gonzaga, sta.Cagayan Pdrrmo Chief Ruelie Rapsing, Teresita, Bugay, Apparri, Ballesteros, Abulug, Pamplona, Sanchez-Mira and Claveria and Calayan Ada Municipality said. Pagasa warned Mawar that he would bring heavy rainfall to the Çağışan Valley from Sunday until Tuesday. Rapsing said that 70 %of the CNN Philippines Cagayan from the Philippines were very sensitive to sudden floods and the landslides caused by rain. Even though there are worried areas, Mawar said that they were watching the areas near the Cagayan River, which will be affected by the region. Authorized, local authorities in the state of the seven rapid intervention stations aluminum, rubber and fiberglass boats such as previously deployed floating assets, he said.Each station also has an ambulance, a rescue vehicle and a search and rescue vehicle that can pass at night. Rapsing said that PDRRMO has three trucks for ambulance trucks as well as preventive release. Authorized, disaster intervention authorities will soon give a advice on preventive evacuation, but the application will still be affiliated to the local general manager, he said. In another interview, Rape Reducing the National Disaster Risk and Management Council spokesman Raffy Alejandro said that the preventive evacuation will definitely be applied, especially when the storm signals rise.Authorized, especially in Batanes about six municipalities will be covered and at least 18,000 people will affect, he said. Alejandro said Ndrrmc focused on Cagayan and Batanes for now.The authority added that Mawar is recommended to prepare for regional units because it was seen that it was seen to intensify the southwestern monsoon or Habagat. Alejandro, "We focus on increasing our resources in Cagayan in Bilenes, we are sure that the alternative or reserve communication system will be established," he said, and added that all intervention assets of the organization, including the armed forces, are waiting.Philippines, Philippine Coast Guard and National Police of Philippine. The Ministry of Budget and Management said that a disaster fund worth approximately £ 18.3 billion is ready to use to help those who will be affected by Mawar's attack and other charity operations. The Philippines Armed Forces - Northern Luzon Command in a separate statement, on Thursday, C130 planes and Basco, Batanes 850 parcel aid materials were brought, he said. Lieutenant General Fernyl Buca, President of the Northern Luzon Command , said that all units were ready to help disaster intervention. "Nolcom's Ilocos Region, Cagayan Valley, Middle Luzon and Cordillera Administrative Region, as well as the Western Philippine Sea, Batanes Adalar Group in different maritime regions strategically deployed army, air force, navy and maritime units.In the ocean, the North Luzon Command said.