A team of physicists, including a Philippine researcher, found that the current theories did not completely explain the mysterious behavior of high -temperature superconducting materials that have left Nobel Laureates for decades.Published in Nature Materials. Miguel watery discovered something that forces the world's genius. Thea Watering UPD-CS physicistMiguel Watering , following the successful doctoral defense in 2018, Leiden University's thesis advisor.Together with Jan Zaanen, he is a joint writer on the groundbreaking nature materials on over -Cuprat superconductors. Super conductive materials allow electricity to pass without resistance and allow everything to be created from potentially magnetic-function trains to unprecedented super computers.It happens when removed. ADVERTISING - Continue reading below ↓ Even Nobel Laureates even for decades It is a mystery that has surprised even the Nobel Prizes. With this, when a large number of electrons are removed-that is, when the Cuprate superconductors are “exaggerated”, they will behave as described by the Barteen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory developed in the 1950sand since then it has been used to help explain traditional super conductive materials. However, Dr. Leiden University in the Netherlands.New experiments conducted by a team of researchers inspected by Milan P. Allan showed that this was not the case.Miguel Watering - Diliman Faculty of Sciences National Institute of Physics , Dr.He cooperated with Allan's team on the theoretical modeling of these materials. Watering, “Our article is a challenge to the current understanding of cuprat supercductors, called“ exaggeration, ”. A deeper mystery than thought Dr. Sulangi expressed his hope that these new findings will not only rewrite textbooks, but also to reveal the interest of new research to exaggerated Cuprates, which is largely ignored - by scientists who believe that the superconduct of materials can be explained by the traditional BCS theory.And we hope to convince the theorists that these materials are worthy of abnormal and intensive work. Watch now UPD-CS NIP Associate Professor"What makes this work important, not only clarifying the nature of exaggerated cuprat superconducting, but also reveals that the mystery that surrounds the cuprat supercontinterectors is deeper than we think."It is nice to see more Philippine researchers working in the foreground in physics and other fields in physics and other fields. He described the findings of the team in an article titled pudding formation and permanent gaps in an exaggerated 2SR2CUO6+Δ. SOURCE Tromp, W.O., Benschop, T., GE, JF.VE ARK. ..org10.1038s41563-023-01497-1, 2023. Gotopnews.com