Baltimore Orioles has published City Connect uniforms, aiming to pay tribute to many neighborhoods and various stories of the city. Uniform, inspired by the world collection and has a completely black appearance with "Baltimore" written in a block font that presses to Maryland Institute Art College. For the first time for MLB uniforms, Orrioles designed the interior of the jerseys with a colorful mosaic design inspired by the city's art culture.It also has a black and white mosaic design in the pipes and in the socks of the uniform. ORIOLES OUTSINE Actor Austin Hays in a press release, "This, I put Baltimore in front of my uniform for the first time - Baltimore -" he said.It will be an honor to represent this city and its people like this. " ORIOLES 'City Connect Socks are colorful. The hat contains a B script with the team's road uniform font. The same B logo is located on the mosaic neighborhood on the uniform cuff on the black and gray pattern. Uniforms also includes a melody created by Baltimore -based poet and writer Kondwani Fidel. The pictures of the Orioles City Connect uniform were leaked in the previous weeks, and the team's fan base attracted significant negative recoils and many of them compared with the Great British uniforms from the World Baseball Classic, which was blinded because of their general appearance.