Read this in The Manila Times digital edition. Carlos Yulo of Philippine Gymnast Carlos Yulo exhibits routine in men's parallel rods at the 32nd Southeastern Asian Games in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Photo of RIO DELUVIO Even a medal border imposed by the host Cambodia did not prevent Carlos Yulo from the Philippino Gymnast from stamping his class in the 32nd Southeast Asia games held in Phnom Penh. Tokyo Olympian, which is limited to competing on only two devices, managed to win two gold and two silver.Yulo won the gold medal in individual men and parallel rods, each at the team event, each one of the silver and still plays. Yulo is the 32nd Sea Games athlete who has the highest medals from the Philippines, as well as in cash to earn four medals. Yulo, Ivan Cruz, Juancho Besana, Jan Timbang for two gold medals for two gold medals in total P787,500 - P300,000, P150,000 for immobile silver and P37,500 for silver and Justine De Leon. Within the scope of the Law of Interest and Incentives of National Athletes, Coaches and Coaches of 2001, Sea Games Golden Medals will receive P300,000, Silver Medals P150.000 and Bronze Medals P60.000. news It is delivered to your incoming box, I confirm that I have read and accept the service conditions and privacy policy by signing with an e-mail address of the Manila Times's daily news bulletins. Cruz, Besana, Timbang and De Leon will take P37,500. Teams with less than five participants will receive the same cash prize as individual medal winners. The winning teams with five or more participants will receive 25 percent of incentives for individual medal winners. After Yulo, the second one of the most money -earnings are swimmer Teia Salvino and Triathlet Kim Mangrobang.Salvino, who is only 17 years old, will receive one gold, two silver, two bronze medals .Mangrobang will receive the same amount for the gold in the duatlone and the silver in the triathlone. Salvino is preparing to receive more money because it breaks a record in games .Another swimmer will receive P412,500 for the third most cash winnings and a gold, a silver and two bronze in the games. In addition, ladies will receive additional incentives because a new SEA games break the record on 200 m. Taekwondo Jin Patrick King Perez and Karateka Jamie Port, which will win the first five winners, respectively, will win P350,000 and P337,500 respectively.Perez won a gold and a silver medal , while Lim also won a gold and a silver medal. Elreen Ando Elreen Ando, the Powered by Powered by Powered, collected 300,000 pounds of cash bonuses in Sea Games record -breaking gold races.While Obiea achieved a new record with 5.65m, Ando ladies broke records in the 59kg class , in the silkme and a total of . Vanessa Sarno, another weightlifter, will receive a gold medal in the ladies 71kg category and breaks 300,000 pounds plus cash bonus for breaking the SEA Games Record .