The mystery surrounding Ravindra Jadeja deepened even more on Sunday night. A day after a heated conversation with MS Dhoni, witnessed by fans, went viral after the Chennai Super Kings beat the Delhi Capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium to qualify for the playoffs and secured themselves a top two spot, Jadeja tweeted in a cryptic tweet. threw and left his fans. He guesses there is a friction with the CSK captain and is worried. The versatile actor's wife, Rivaba Jadeja, later retweeted it and gave an extreme four-word reaction. Jadeja mystery deepens amid Dhoni's spit after wife 'absolutely' reacts to tweet Minutes after CSK's 77-round win against DC on Saturday, the players congratulated each other on reaching the playoffs, breaking the record for the 12th time in IPL history, while Dhoni had a passionate conversation with Jadeja and Jadeja was not happy. appeared not to be seen. . The legend was quite the rage at the multi-faceted one disrupting the internet. Some of the fans felt that Dhoni was scolding Jadeja for her poor ball returns against DC, where she gave 50 laps for a four-on-one wicket. While others speculate that there is a gulf between the two. The situation worsened on Sunday when Jadeja shared a cryptic post on Twitter that read "Karma will definitely come back to you, sooner or later." He shared it with the caption "Absolutely" followed by a thumbs up. A few hours later, his wife tweeted, "Follow Your Own Path." This isn't the first time Jadeja has taken a controversial action on Twitter during the ongoing IPL season. Earlier in May, Jadeja liked a Twitter post that talked about "pain inside" and "trauma" for being "criticised" by CSK fans. The post read "Jaddu says this with a smile but with great pain inside... Believe me, it's a trauma! Imagine your own team spectators not supporting you while you wait for your goal! The 3rd man still criticizes you even after winning the matches!" SHARE THIS ARTICLE