La Lakers and Boston Celtics find themselves in safety situations after the losses in the third game of their conference finals. The fans shared ruthless reactions with the possibility of two -storey franchisees early from playoffs. The two conference finale series appeared significantly. In the Water, Denver Nuggets, the most seeded, did a great job defending Homecouter and gained a convincing way against La Lakers. In the east, the eighth seed Miami Heat wins fans' hearts. 70% win 70% win 70% win unlock free tips from our experts As things stop, both series is 3-0, followed by the Lakers and Celtics. Two of the most successful teams in the history of NBA did not hesitate to troll them on Twitter. The comments of many fans referred to the document that was said to be a "scenario" for the NBA finals match. Someone said "Not a scenario script." Some of the best comments and reactions on Twitter PlaybyplayBark Playbyplaybark thehoopcentral If both returns, Thanos will be fully here thehoopcentral will be fully fully here if both come back Jak