Haas will enjoy a special weekend in Monaco, as it will be the 150th Grand Prix of the upcoming racing team.Recently, the “proud” team manager Guenther Steiner chose his favorite memory from his time in the sport.Haas made the first release in the 2016 Australian Grand Prix, where Romain Grosjean scored in the first races of the sixth place of the sixth place, and continued to grow since then, one of the emphasis Kevin MagnussenIn 2022, it was the polar position in Sao Paulo. Get more information 'I need to think about where I was stuck!'- Steiner explains how the team's first output in Melbourne has been released in Melbourne, explaining how the memory has come out with him, 'survival Drive' fame, Steinerhaas Website “What stands out for me is that when we come to the race track in Melbourne in 2016There were people, we wouldn't do it. “We have done it, we are still here and this makes me proud for the whole team.And I can do it thanks to the Haas, who allows us to do this." This feature is currently not available, because you need to consent to functional cookies. Speaking in the last part of F1 Nation Podcast recently, Steiner admitted that they have hosted Natalie Pinkham and Tom Clarkson, that it was unaware of the milestone before admitting that it was a "good journey to this point." Steiner said Steiner"As you know, I'm not a statistical man. Day to day, I live from race to race."150 Grand Prix when they say, if you think there are people who do more than us, but the 150 Grand Prix is not small. The Conduct Week 5 stories that we are excited before Monaco Grand Prix "and if you think it is the youngest team, it says something,Weird. But time I have to admit that it was flying. There were some abortions like you said, but I think this life. " When Tom Clarkson started with Haas, he asked if he foresees to join the 150 Grands Prix, Steiner replied "You don't think about it.Look at the Formula 1 now, now you think that Formula 1 will be on a Hype as it is now?How did he change 500 forever "I can say that I haven't seen it, but I haven't seen it and said, 'Okay, try to do things.' I'm not the person to talk about forgene, but I think it was the same.I don't think you can. " Haas is currently the seventh at Constructers Championship Gotopnews.com