Victor Wembanyama vision is not important if you tried your vision that donates your vision of piston colors, you always had the chance to be 86 percent. Falling to the Companions would actually turn a coin - 52 percent would not be, it would be 48 percent - and this is Troy Weaver's occupation of Troy Weaverthe field of reality. And no matter how many shortcuts of Wembanyama will provide pistons, the truth is There is no handful of teams with a 30 -member NBA for the next few months. Weaver, Cade Cunningham'ın return to be acquitted with the return of a team to support the number 5 election and 30 million dollars of container-four teams more than all of them.Let's not forget that you have played for one third. When Weaver spoke to journalists a few minutes after the lottery results last week, he didn't sound like a man led by a Mack truck. Let's separate “We think there is another high -level draft at the top of the top talents." It seems that Weaver thinks that this draft was comparable to the quality of quality at the top of last year, and a year later, waiting to come with a player to be seen in the same light as Jaden Ivey, the fifth last season is selected. This section drew attention when Weaver asked the perception that there were three players on the top of this draft “A lot of people were in this way." Wembanyama is alone and if you can throw a blanket in three to eight on the group, it shows that Weaver has seen someone - guess henderson scoot, but perhaps Brandon Miller - at the same time in his own layer.With the Fikir Association, the next six players look like Ausar Thompson, Cam Whitmore, Jarace Walker, Anthony Black and Taylor Hendricks. All of the wing -sized players.Men Thompson's best point protector and Walker and Hendricks as a power to be used as a power, but all four young men and three largest piston staff now attractive to the next dimension and athletic package.piyangoGuards. Only one of this group assuming that the first three is locked when the pistons go to the clock.The nine will be in a strong position to be selected from the top of the layer, unlike the bottom. As always, the character will give priority to the character-there is definitely a type of pistons-and will put a premium on high-level results on the emergency effect.And most of these $ 30 million will turn to this position.