New faces and familiar ones are familiar in the Australian Opals team called Tuesday before the Fiba Asian Cup in Sydney on Tuesday. 19 -player squad, Nyadiew Pouch , Isobel Borlase and Wnba Drafe Shaneice Swain , Perth Lynx Pair Amy Atwell and Chloe Bibby and Chloe Bibby and Chantel Horvat'ı newly completed. Alice Kunek, which has been overlooked in the last few years, has been gaining an opportunity for the first time since the 2018 League of Nations. Kunek won a championship with Ezi Magbegor for the latest Hungarian power center Sopron Basket. Alex Bunton, representing his country in the 2018 Fiba World Cup in Spain, where Opals won the silver medal, called back to one of the great stories of Australian basketball. After 11 tiring knee surgery, Btton retired in 2019. He moved towards the end of 2021 and made a victorious return to basketball at Wnbl with Uc Capitals, and last year, he bravely shared the story of his former partner in the hands of his former partner, while his children are pregnant with his daughter Opal. Return to sports and now a national staff courage, power and hard work story. The Asian Cup team is very different from the Opal team standing on the podium celebrated the bronze medal at the FIBA Women's World Cup in Sydney last year. Opaller ended on Group B. Only four of these players are part of this team - Captain Tess Madgen, Senior Marianna Tolo, Darcee Garbin and mother Maley. Big election changes, WNBA's bronze medals are currently in the season with Sami Whitcomb, Ezi Magbegor, Kristy Wallace and Cayla George in the USA with Jade Melbourne in the United States and Alanna Smith, who kidnapped the World Cup selection. World Cup All-Star Five members get rid of Steph Talbot ACL, a break in Sara Blicavs 2023, and retired from international basketball after the Lauren Jackson World Cup. Opals Coach Sandy BronDello is currently leading New York Liberty in WNBA, so the coaching reins has been delivered to Shannon Sebohm, the best coach of senior women in Australia. Appointment, winning form, developing talent and the proven development of the successful past is the right award and recognized. Sebohm directed Townsville Fire to a 16-game winning series on the way to win the 2022-23 WNBL championship, and developed players' core, including his own score protector Steph Reid. Sebohm has a coaching experience in Australia at Junior International Level, a performance that won a gold medal in the World Cup under the age of 17 in 2016. The guards include Reid, Shyla Heal, Maddy Rocci and Tiana Mangakahia, one of the biggest players in Australia, a large number of skills called an assistant coach with a long -term opal coaching coach, which will be a mentor by the Olympic medal owner Harrower.Cheryl Chambers and Renae Garleppp is one of the young coaches in the country. The FIBA Asia Cup decided on June 26 at Sydney's Quaycentre on July 2nd. Group B plays group -phase games in Australia before the finals against the Philippines , China Taipei and Japan start on June 30th. Australia Opals Fiba Asian Cup team Amy Atwell Chloe Bibby Isobel Borlase Alex Alex Btton Keely Flow Darcee Garbin Shyla Heal Chantel Horvat Alice Kunek Tess Madgen Maley Tianana Mangakahia Lauren Nicholson Nicholson Nyadiew Puoch Stephanie Reid Maddison Rocci Lauren Scherf