Juvic Pagunsan Photo Juvic Pagunsan of the Philippines successfully nailed Taihei Sato's charge for a two-shot victory at the Golf Partner Pro-Am Tournament on Sunday, marking his second JGTO career title. Leading the tournament since the second round, the 45-year-old delivered an impressive 66 with four four-six under 66. Finishing the week with a total of 23-PAR 257, Pagunsan claimed ¥12,000,000. Winner Check. The anticipated final round was initially expected to be a head-to-head battle between Pagunsan and Taiga Semikawa, which started the day with just one hit. However, as Semikawa struggled in the middle of the duel, it was Sato who emerged as the obstacle to Pagunsan's quest to become the first international winner of the season at the full field event. Still following his breakthrough at JGTO, 29-year-old Sato quietly climbed the leaderboard and at one point followed Pagunsan with just one stroke of four holes. news for Manila Times' daily s by with an email address, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. However, Sato's remarkable bogeyless 62 was just enough to secure a joint second place with Semikawa, who set a late comeback with a 67 close and finished below 21 overall. Despite mounting pressure from Sato, Pagunsan showed unwavering composure and extended his lead by securing the birds on the 16th and 17th holes. He even had the luxury of a third of the day, the 18th of the day, to seal the unforgettable victory in the presence of his family. "I'm extremely happy right now. Winning a second time in Japan has always been my dream and I'm very excited to have achieved it," said Pagunsan, securing the JGTO breakthrough by winning the crossover to the previously open Mizuno title in 2021. "This victory is even more special because my family is here to witness my performance. They returned to Japan last week after the travel restrictions were lifted." "I also want to give credit to my new clubs. They performed flawlessly all week, helping me hit the ball and throwing it solidly." Motivated by today's success, Pagunsan has already set its sights on reclaiming the pass to the Open Mizuno Open Crown next week and winning tickets to the open championship. Despite qualifying for the 149th edition of the Open, he chose to focus on the Tokyo Olympics at the time. "I vividly remember my first victory and aim to approach next week's tournament with the same mentality." Dylan Perry was the highest ranked international finisher, securing the tied seventh position with a total final lap score of 263. Meanwhile, Brad Kennedy and Filipino golfer Justin de Los Santos finished two more strokes, delivering impressive performances of 64 and 64, respectively. Gotopnews.com