Children have launched a campaign to give priority to enjoying sports, and the experts say that the method can lead to more Olympic medals for the GB team. Play Play, a campaign initiated by children's coaching cooperation and financed by Sport England and the National Lottery, aims to put children's taste into the heart of all sports and physical activity.It is about encouraging children to have the best possible experience in sports. This approach will lead to more children to stay in sports throughout their lives, and eventually it can lead to more success in competitive sports for England. The campaign, which will work with 2.6 million coaches throughout the UK, was launched after a survey of Sport England and used less than half of the children regularly. Heather Douglas, President of Coaching and Policy in UK coaching, said, “The game path campaign has come together on some of the research on the activity levels of the children who have been done by Sport England for nearly two years. “We looked at these evidence and thought nasıl How can we bring pleasure and entertainment back to physical activity for young people?"Because this is what they say as the greatest motivation tool for them." Phil Smith, General Manager of Partnerships in Sport England, said that the child can lead to more competitive sports success from the first perspective of the child.There is a lot of need and sometimes it is easy to forget to stay fun and stay enjoyable. “A child -centered approach to coaching means giving them a sound and a bright experience, so they will remain in sports. “If you give children a good experience, more children will play. If children do not play, I am sure that they have nothing to win the Olympic medal. Therefore, our main goal is to include children in physical and mental activity. Kye Whyte, a BMX racer who won a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, said that a child -oriented approach to sports has been something that has experienced from a young age and helps him on his journey to games. Archie Brand and Nimo Omer pass you through the best stories and every week free institutions, online advertisements and content can contain information about the charities, online advertisements and content.Look at our privacy policy for more information about the content financed by vertisements and the external sides. We use Google Recaptcha to protect our website and apply Google Privacy Policy and Service Conditions. He said "As a club, we have already done it and playing now, even better, even better, even better, better, even better, and knowing which education they needed.I have the same philosophy as my five years of age, even until today. ” CK Flash, the head coach of Peckham BMX, where the campaign launched, said, “Here we are listening to what young people want in Peckham BMX. Our artensions allow our children to train without knowing that they are educated. “Our morality in Peckham has always focused on supporting and guiding young people in our local community, listening to them and understanding their needs."