Many CS GO fans expressed their discontent on the trophy for Blast Paris Major, and now the Valorant community has started to have fun. CS GO fans were not quiet about their disdain for Blast Paris Major Trophy. He compared this with a Booger and said that it was ashamed to have such a cup that remembers CS's winners Go Major. A fan made a video that won the previous main branches with the “Real Cups” of Team Vitality's Muzaffer elevator of the Cup after defeating Gamerlegion 2-0. The article continues after advertising According to Blast, the cup had to look a little like the Eiffel Tower. Riot Games, the next International Valorant Tournament VCT Masters Tokyo, after introducing the cup for CS GO fans Final CS Go Major reminded once again what the cup could be. Valorant fans hit Csgo Major Trophy VCT Masters Tokyo Trophy is much larger than Blast Paris Major and offers a part of the mask of Japanese agent Yoru of Valoran. The article continues after advertising The fans then took their appreciation one step further, and compared the cup prepared by Riot Games with what CS GO fans had to watch Vitality Astray after winning the team's main branch. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BULLETETS FOR THE LATEST APPLICATIONS ABOUT ESPORTS, GAME AND MORE. "Paris Major Trophy is better than a Twitter user," he said. A Valorant fan, VCT Masters Trophy's explosion, "Mogs," he said, which looks like something that the children's television network will give Nickelodeon. In the past, Espor cups were similar to the silver items of traditional sports. For new events, tournament organizers and developers became creative and moved away from the tradition to make prominent trophies. The article continues after advertising Some missed the sign like Blast's unique design attempt, while others were a hit with fans such as Cup for Masters Tokyo.