The world of technology and smart devices develops every day. In addition to this, in parallel with the technology field designed for good, there is a shaded belly with a constantly growing shaded bellytail… How can you protect your Android device from guerrilla virus? The safety of Android devices has been a matter of discussion for years. The system really implemented measures to protect against security deficits, but really effective steps related to malicious third -party applications in the Google Play Store.A report released last week claimed that many Android devices were sent to consumers with pre -loaded malicious software, which caused Android users to see their phones with suspicion. The first report came from the Trend Micro, the Trend Micro. Sophos, another cyber security company, called the defined application as a guerrilla. Like a detective, Sophos watched the way of the guerrilla application and the findings were equally disturbing. The reason for this is that the guerrilla is in the infrastructure of 15 different applications in Google Play Store. The guerrilla is essentially what he does.Or it affects aspects such as the visible ad content. Guerrilla -containing phones generally exhibit low battery life and performance features. Ads faced by users are usually irrelevant to themselves and can be categorized as obscene content. Countries where virus infected phones are most common in the USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia.When it comes to the situation, there is no answer. RELATING TO