Microsoft adds a Copilot AI assist to Windows 11.Like the edge, office applications and even the copilot edge bars we see in Github, Windows Copilot will be directly integrated into Windows 11 and can be used to open and use from the taskbar throughout all -of -country. Ways and programs. Microsoft's Windows and Devices President Panos Panay said, “After opening, your Windows Copilot side bar remains consistent between your applications, programs and windows that can always be used to act as your personal assistant.helps you pass, customize your settings and connect your favorite applications smoothly. ” Windows Copilot working in Windows 11. Microsoft Windows Copilot can summarize, rewrite or even explain the content you've been viewing in applications. It is very similar to the dialog box in the chat chat, so you can ask general questions and things you can often ask for a search engine. It does not directly change the search bar in the Windows 11 taskbar, and instead, as Cortana has its own special area in Windows 10 taskbar, it is a separate copilot button.To Microsoft. Since Copilot is integrated into Windows, you can ask this assistant to yalnız setting my settings so that I can focus ”or you can do other operations on a PC. Windows Copilot files can also summarize.Resim microsoft Since Windows Copilot is built on the same foundations as Bing Chat, Microsoft allows developers to even expand d -ons for Bing or Openai's Chatgpt to this AI -supported assistant.It opens for automatically transportation of improvements to Windows Copilot. Microsoft, Panay's January in January, "AI'nın Windows will re -invented how to invented," after the AI features imply to create a special feature of Windows in the last six months.He was waiting for him to wait until his big version, but the company is clearly moving forward with Windows AI ambitions.