I see the signs of another Google search sorting algorithm update that started on May 22 and continues in the next few days. This is an unusual situation because I have seen important conversations between the SEO community, but some of the more popular Google Rank control tools do not receive it. As a reminder, we have reported the three unidrified Google search ranking updates, one around May 17, then on May 10, the other in early May. This new one has a lot of SEO conversations, but the vehicles are quite light. Seo chat Let's start with what SEOs say. Here are some quotes The decline continues, nothing helps. The US traffic is dead today. As for nothing… almost the same thing with ichtyous should prepare something big again. Here we start again ... US traffic starts as -74%in the morning. Arama -30%, directly -34, home page -53.Genel traffic is a new lower level from anywhere.Quantity traffic! I have gone to Youtube to check some of the metrics of the videos I have made carelessly for years and put a better label and a new metric. I see that my views have been increasing since a few days. After a weekend with very low traffic, 05.00 in England this morning traffic turned to normal levels and stayed there all day ... Right now! Yes, a big effect on our niche -30% Basically, I see big drops in traffic a few days before people declare the same problems. I approve you, the traffic of today's site shows the same pattern ... My traffic started to come back 2 . So yes, something works again. Every day is worse. The US traffic continues to be a cliff ... Today at 10 o'clock starts. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is quite strong So there's a lot of chat about a possible Google Order update. Google Monitoring Tools Here are the vehicles and Mozcast, Algoroo and Serptat can be one of the few people who collect it. Mozcast RANKRANGER Semrush SERPMETRICS Advanced web rankings Accuranker Cognitive Seo Algoroo Serptat Have you seen any of you in the last few days? Forum debate at WebmasterWorld. Gotopnews.com