Fujifilm launched a new mirror-free digital camera called Fujifilm X-S20. Launched as a VLOG, travel and content creation camera, X-S20 has a AI-based detection AF and 6.2k30p, 4k60p and 1080240p video recording.He says that he can buy about 800 frames per charging due to a high -capacity battery. The XS20, 26.1MP sensor X-Trarans CMOS 4 and an X processor 5 are equipped with high-speed processing engine. Also, it has a large grip of the X-S series for easy hand-holding. The camera weighs 491 grams, has a microphoneheadset jack of 3.5 mm and has a built-in five-axis body stabilization mechanism and offers 7.0-Stop advantage. You can also shoot 6.2k30p videos up to 78 minutes with a new battery. Now you can pre-order Fujifilm X-S20 here with the pre-order period of Fujifilm Filipinler between 24 May-15 June 2023. X-20, the camera and the XCI5-45mm f3.5-5.6 lens for a kit containing only body or PHP 85.990 for PHP or PHP 85.990 price. Gotopnews.com