Watch more news about Iwanttfc MANILA - National artist Nora Aunor marked his 70th birthday with a rare family reunification and prayer for long life and health. All five children of the film icon were the themed party of the 70s in Seda Hotel Quezon City, ie Ian de Leon, his wife Jennifer Orcine, and their children; Lotlot de Leon and her husband Fadi al-Soury; Matet de Leon and her husband Mickey Estrada; Kiko;and Kenneth. Previously, their mothers were alienated from Lotlot, Matet and Ian, all of them were under critical care for their latest respiratory disease, expressed their unconditional love for their staring for their standing. Lotlot told ABS-CBN News, “Good health always Lang Ang Always Lang Birthday Wish Nommy.Ako, including sa 'yo. Everything is fine, Lotlot has agreed with the sincere guests of his mother, who witnessed how his family dramas were played for years. Ian also talked about the unique love expressed by his mother. “Sometimes, we and even he cannot understand. But despite the darkness, he sees beauty and goodness in despite the darkness,” he said. Nora Aunor poses with children during the 70th birthday celebration. After admitting that he was the most vocal in misunderstanding with his mother, Matet revealed the highest laughter. “Lagi Kasi Kaming Nagcha-Chat Ni Mommy So Nasasabi Ko Sa Kanya Ang Lahat -had,” he added matet, bottled tuyo or dried fish to sell the so-called competitions with Aunor with a problem with a problem.Namin Kayo! Aunor is only grateful for the expanded life gift after health problems. After finishing Gina Alejar and Alfred Vargas Adolf Alix Film Pieta, Aunor is planned to make another film thriller about the life of a healer in Siquijor.He travels to Japan to get the award. Related Video