The weapons of the rebels of the new People's Army, the Barangay gathered by the 15th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army, Cauyan, Negros Occidental Sunday afternoon after a encounter.Infantry Battalion, with the permission of the Philippine Army) BACOLOD CITY - Another new popular army rebel was killed in the with the 15th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army in the town of Negros Occidental Cauyan in the afternoon of Sunday. Death, the 10th Communist rebel, who during the match series on Negros Island at the weekend, has not yet been identified in the afternoon on Monday. Lieutenant Col.Michael Certeros, 15IB commander, the remaining warriors called to leave the armed struggle, while the d rebel family expanded his sympathy. “The community understands that real progress and development can only be achieved by terminating local communist armed conflicts,” he said. 15 Civilian-military operations responsible for the second lieutenant Weann Sandag, soldiers, Barangay Castle Sitio Bajay'da armed men after receiving reports on the presence of armed men after receiving reports from the South West Front of the rebels said. Five -minute firefighter resulted in the death of the NPA fighter brought to the Cauyan Regional Hospital at 1500. After the security operation, the troops saved a caliber.45 Anti-Personnel mine with a pistol, explosion device and blasting cover, two magazines, several ammunition tours, backpacks and destructive documents. Meanwhile, the bodies of the five NPA fighters were killed during a series of matches in Barangay Quintin Remo, Saturday morning Padilla town was already identified and demanded by their families. The rebels of NPA's Central Negros Front 1 met the units of the 62nd Infantry Battalion three times from the armed conflict. The first match was at Sitio Napiluan at 505, and later in Sitio Oway-Way after about 40 minutes. In the last morning, 62IB's blocking team pulled the rebels at another fire department. During the search operation on Sunday morning, the four other NPA rebellion when Negros Oriental, Guihulngan City, Barangay Trinidad. The four NPA rebels killed during the conflict were already identified on Monday and released to their families. One of them is 80 -year -old Sazel Babor, Barangay Trinidad Sitio Cambawgon and 31 -year -old son Jorelyn Pelod Babor, Barangay Macagahay, Negros Occidental Moises Padilla town; Rolly Mihay Beñero, 22; and 26 -year -old Cristitu Canja Nilles, both of the Barangay TrinidadSitio Banderahan residents. Four were members of the Guerilla Unit of NPA's Central Negros 1 Guerilla front. Police investigation was reported to be a member of the Private Partisan Unit that performs the assassinations of NPA.