Like other residents, Janisa Dali was collected by the Rain Water to be used for cleaning and laundry at the housing facility built by the UN-Habitat in Sagonsonan in Marawi city.Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News Manıla - Marawi siege erupted about 6 years after the eruption and the city residents for thousands of years after the displacement of the Marawi Compensation Board on Monday in a statement, the war for the damaged properties of the victims of the war for the invasion of the mechanism announced. During a forum organized by the Philippine Islamic and Democracy Center , the MCB Board Secretary Saliha Lalando said that the Marawi siege victim's compensation law was approved by IRR and officially signed on Tuesday. Lalanto, "[third] draft [IRR] was approved last May 19 2023 and they will sign a ceremony tomorrow on May 23rd."Said. What's in Irr Lalanto explained who IRR is the right to compensation, and that he would determine the procedure for how they can demand it. "There is a provision in IRR on the documents that are the plaintiffs who are entitled to compensation, procedures and plaintiffs who are entitled to compensation."Said. Lalanto also announced that the government "not included in the land, but will only compensate for the destroyed structure". Authority also said that plaintiffs do not have to provide land titles and other documents to prove that they have damaged structures. "The documentary requirement is not strict with the land titles and other documents that prove the ownership of the land. We will accept the documents that will prove that you own the property or structure ... In the absence of other documents, be a statement or any document, even for photographs, it is sufficient.”. Former president Rodrigo Dutete signed the law of compensation of the Marawi Siete Victim, which created the MCB last year. The law defines the victims as "not saved" "damaged or destroyed properties and goods". President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.He appointed MCB members only early this year. 'Forgotten' In the same forum, PCID President Amina Rasul Bernardo said the horror of the siege of Marawi stems from the consciousness of people, although the victims still suffer from the destruction of the city. "As PCID, we believe that the real situation of people, IDPs is disappeared from the memories of the country, since we have been informed about the success of the government."Said. But Bernardo said people should know that Marawi's rehabilitation is far from completing. "We must admit that the rehabilitation process is not only reconstructing the physical infrastructure, but not only provides basic services, but also goes beyond this.And strengthening of communities .. Zia Alonto Adiong, the Lanao del Sur representative, also accepted the "slow" of the government's efforts to rehabilitate Marawi. "I also call on people responsible for the delay ... I heard that there would be a plan to eliminate Bangon Marawi ... This was said by the legal advisors of the current administration ... Adiong, another group, I want to create a kind of inter -institutional group."Said. Inspired by the Islamic state, the 2017 Marawi crisis, led by members of the Maute Group, started in May and dragged until October, displaced the residents and destroyed the city. Related video