Gabriel Valenciano wears a neck support after a traffic accident in the US.Facebook Gabriel Valenciano Manıla - Artist Gabriel Valenciano now heals after finding a traffic accident in the USA, on Monday through a Facebook post that details the "first accident in my whole life". Valenciano, who is currently living in Los Angeles, shared his photographs, injuries and the scene of the event that wears a neck support and treated in the ambulance. The son of the music symbol Gary Valenciano's son, "70ft'i starting by a SUV by a SUV on the motorway by a SUV, remembered the church on his motorcycle. "I was exactly gear, but because of the effect and the power of the momentum burned my jacket and pants," he wrote, as seen in the photographs, explained the injuries in his legs and arms. 34 -year -old Valenciano said that this was the first time involved in an accident that he used a motorcycle for transportation for about twenty years. "And still new experiences to be learned," he added. The music producer thanked the other drivers who came to his aid and the respondents, including the police, EMTs and Firefighters. "Finally, I would like to thank Tito Ranier who took me in the hospital and took care of me for the first few days. Considering that I had pencils on my lower and upper back, it was especially difficult to move at night, so it was hard to sleep, but everything is fine."he said. Valenciano referred to the uncle who persuaded the arrival point to give his statement in the church when the accident occurred. "Today, with the grace of Sunday and God's grace, I was able to talk and share my story. My family is with me. God works for the good of those who love him. God bless you all of you, and he is safe, everything is fine," he said. Valenciano moved to the United States in April for "a new season, a new episode, a new step", then he said he lived well as "a great belief splash". From the archives