Manıla, Philippines - Senator Sherwin Gatchalian extended the bill on Monday to reach the scope of the real estate tax amnesty - just two days after the Committee of Roads and Vehicles. Gatchalian sponsored the bill on the Senate floor, because the deadline for taking advantage of the real estate tax amnesty of June 14 will rob people who do not have enough financial capacity. ADVERTISING "This proposed expansion, due to numerous conditions, during the previous extension, the real estate tax obligations can not fulfill our unhappy commitment to the depths of compassion and empathy reflecting our unshakable commitment," he said. “A high time to recognize the struggles of our less privileged criminals and to provide them desperately support and relief.” If the law passes, the new deadline for the Estate Tax AF program will be determined on 14 June 2025. Gatchalian said, “This extension is vital to ensure that those who face difficulties to meet the requirements, especially our low -income components, finally have the opportunity to benefit from the real estate tax amnesty they deserve,” he said. Minister, real estate tax from the date of the legal maturity of two years for a period of installment payments will be allowed within the scope of invoice, he said. "This opportunity will be provided without civilian penalties and interest, and the taxpayers with limited money in property will be able to manage their obligations more and financially sustainable." In addition, other distinctive features of the proposed measure are as follows Expanding the scope of the Real Estate Tax AF program on 31 December 2021 or previously of lenses. Excluding the explanation of the list of documents required by the internal income office from the benefits of the tax amnesty organization and the explanation of the presentation of the property of the property, whether the judiciary or the judiciary is without judiciary Institutionalization of Electronic File and Payment of Real Estate Tax With some pressure of the members of the House of Representatives, Gatchaalian said that there was an urgent need to pass the recommended real estate tax extension before the congress continued to postpone the sinus mold in early June. In addition, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. urged the bill to urgently approve the bill to allow the Senate to leave the proposed laws of the proposed laws to leave their ordinary rules and time intervals. Last Monday, the lower room approved the version of the bill in the third and last reading. Related Stories GSG Your subscription has not been saved. Please try again. Next read