Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno said that the non -funded obligations under military and uniformed personnel under the current pension system emphasized half of the country's economy because it emphasized the need for reform. “There is a study in 2019, P9 Trillion of the military pension, P9 Trillion, Di said Diokno in the weekly press conversation. “Approximately half of our GDP . Last week, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said he was pressuring for a “self -re -creating” retirement plans for the Philippines Armed Forces and the National Police of the Philippine. In March, Diokno warned that his pension for retirees could lead to “financial collapse .. Under the current system, the retired MUPS pension is completely financed by the national government. In addition, the judge of the personnel with similar rank is automatically indexed to the judge's salary. “In other words, if you are a retired [and] if you receive a general x money, if you are retired, you will double your pension, Diokno said Diokno. MUP Pension System Reform proposals are discussed in the Senate. Pursuant to the suggestions of the Ministry of Finance, the reform should be valid for all active personnel and new participants and contribute to the pension funds of the State Service Insurance System similar to retirees. - KBK, GMA Integrated News