On February 10, 2023, at the DSWD Head Office in Quezon City, the Department of Social Welfare and Development during Rappersetalk Secratary Rex Gatchalian. It will be used for a six -month pilot run from 3 million dollars from Asia Development Bank. Manıla, the Philippines - the Ministry of Social Welfare and Development will start a pilot work of a food stamp program because it aims to give the country's poorest and most needed “access to nutritious, delicious foods ğı that the country needs. DSWD Secretary Rex Gatchalian, at a press conference held on Tuesday , an old area of conflict, a “geographically isolated state, an urban poor community, a disaster hit area and a rural poor area. Gatchalian said DSWD has identified certain areas, but refused to stop waiting for further confirmation of these sites. The pilot run will include 300,000 families until it reaches a million target of DSWD at the beginning, and then until it reaches 300,000 more. Poverty and hungry, explain Gatchaalian, depend on each other - hungry individuals have difficulty being productive and finding a job, which guides them more to poverty. “We believe that this program will handle the gaps properly and to help the beneficiaries, every member's daily duties and routines, which have a direct and indirect contribution to human capitalization, and to help the food and energy consumption proposed to realize their routines with a direct positive effect on the nation.. “In other words, by meeting the daily food requirements of target beneficiaries, the program will adequately reduce the hunger caused by excessive poverty,” he added. The DSWD chief said that the program is still conditional. DSWD will also work with other government bodies - cabinet economic team, PSA and Philippine Development Research Institute for the presentation of the program. Gotopnews.com