Manıla - The House of Representatives approved the second reading House Bill 451 or the proposed "Corporate Social Responsibility Law". As explained in the Committee Information Form, the bill tries to encourage sustainable economic development and environmental protection by encouraging the value of social responsibility in the operations and activities of its companies in the operations and activities of its companies. It will encourage Filipin businesses to voluntarily contribute to sustainable economic development by working with the relevant stakeholders to improve their lives in a good way for the work for sustainable development agenda. The bill defines activities related to CSR as philanthropic programs and projects among others; Scientific research; Youth and Sports Development; Cultural and Education Promotion; Services to Veterans and Elderly; Social Welfare; Environmental Sustainability; Health Development; Disaster Aid and Aid are socialized and lowCOST HOUSING AND EMPLOYEES AND EMPLOYEES RELATED CSS Activities. It allows stock companies to maintain more than 100% of the capital stocks paid for expansion or corporate social responsibility projects and programs. "Corporate social responsibility is a concept of management in which companies interact with their stakeholders while meeting their social and environmental concerns in business operations and growth and income targets. "A appropriate CSR program can bring various competitive advantages for the job." Mariño said. The bill will be ready for the final home approval next week. Related video