Beijing, China -China President Xi Jinping's missing crew members to save and save the members days after the state media, according to the state media, a Chinese fishing ship in the Central Indian Ocean seven corpses were rescued. Many countries, including Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Maldives and Philippines, many countries, the Chinese water fishing ship "Lupeng Yuanyu 028" then 39 losses for the loss of rescue efforts to rescue. The ship belongs to the Fishery Co Ltd of Penglai Jing in Shandong state. The company has not yet made a statement about the incident. Originally from 39 people on board - 17 Chinese crew members, 17 Indonesian and five of the Philippines - it was not clear which crew members were found. According to the Chinese Ministry of Transport, Sri Lankal divers found the remains in the ship's cabin and saved. CCTV, the ruined vessel slowly dragged to the east, he said. According to the state media, 13 ships are still in places where the boat sank. Last week, CCTV s were shown high -power sea radar on ships trying to find the Alabora -coated ship, while the crew members were seen using visual equipment for sea waters to find survivors. Last Thursday, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs President Xi'nin additional rescue forces to send and coordinated the international maritime exploration aid, he said. China's Australian Ambassador urged Canberra to increase the rescue efforts to help find losses on Thursday.-