Pagasa reported that the southwest wind flow will affect the western parts of the southern Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Tropical cyclone Mawar, except the Philippine Responsibility Zone , from 3 o'clock, 2,300 kilometers east per hour, near the center, maximum 155 kilometers per hour, 180 km h was moved to the north and moved to the north.. The tropical cyclone is expected to shine until Friday or Saturday. Palawan, the cloudy sky with scattered rain shower and storms due to the southwest wind flow, will experience flash floods or landslides that occur due to heavy rains from time to time. Metro Manila and the rest of the country, the possibility of flash floods or landslides during severe storms, southwest wind flow and local storms with isolated rain shower or thunderstorms cloudy and cloudy sky. Heat index The heat index foreseen for Metro Manila will be minimum 40 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 42 degrees Celsius. The highest heat index is expected to be felt in Baler, Aurora, Sangley Point, Cavite; and 45 degrees Celsius Batangas, Ambulong in Tanauan. The heat index is the measure of the temperature in which a person feels unlike the actual air temperature. While the whole country will experience the speed of light to the southwest, the coastal waters will be slightly moderate. Sunrise at 5 27, sunset will be at 18 19.- BAP, GMA Integrated News