Manıla, the Philippines - Negros Oriental Gov.One of the suspects in Roel Degamo and the nine other s confessed his sworn statement to crime and Negros Oriental Rep.Arnolfo TEVES JR. Jhudiel Rivero, also known as Osmundo Rivero, withdrew his previous confession during the preliminary investigation of the Ministry of Justice in Manila on Monday through a lawyer. ADVERTISING Lawyer Harold Montalbo said Rivero rejected his previous sworn statements, but did not give a reason behind the decision. He said that only his new client was not helped while he was confessed. Montalbo also said that three suspects in Degamo were the customers of the law firm. Based on a copy of the opposite -Fidavit infiltrating the media, Rivero said that on March 5, when his motorcycle was missing, he was taken by the authorities at Manawan City in Negros Oriental on 5 March. No information about the land He said that he confessed to participation in the crime and that he defined Teves as the brain behind the mass taken at the residence of Pamplona, who killed nine people, including the governor and wounded more than a dozen. In his last sworn statement, Rivero rejected any information about the plan, or recognized his former protection Marvin Miranda, who was allegedly planning the crime and the crime. Rivero was told that I was told that he was told to "Tavees' Degamo [killed] in Philippine in Philippine," while he was witnessing the PNP center . Rivero said that his wife and children were taken by the authorities on March 8 and were taken by his authorities. Rivero claimed that he voluntarily signed his sworn statements dated March 9 and April 3, and a lawyer from a public lawyer instructed him to obey the police. ADVERTISING Doj has not yet responded to Rivero's withdrawal. Last week, Justice Secretary Isa Crispin Remulla said that some suspects expect private lawyers to secure their services, but claimed that sworn statements are valid. On May 17, two months after the s, the National Investigation Office submitted a against TEVES. In April, Miranda, which he claimed, was accused by state prosecutors for nine s, No. 13 and four attempts, and five other participants. When the s occurred, TEVES, who was abroad, did not return to the country. Related Stories Your subscription has not been saved. Please try again. Next read